Salem Emergency Physicians Service APP Program

patient on stretcher coming out of ambulanceStarting in 2016, our APP program plays an integral role within our emergency department (ED) and the Salem Emergency Physicians Service (SEPS) family. Our dedicated team has access to state-of-the-art imaging modalities and specialist consultations, ensuring comprehensive care for our patients. Operating within our designated ambulatory pod, our advanced Practice Providers (APPs) manage a significant portion of our ED patients, seeing over a third of our entire ED volume through this innovative area. The area runs much like its own emergency department and in fact is busier than many other EDs on the West Coast!

Our program fosters a collaborative environment, where our APPs work side-by-side with physicians, fostering camaraderie and facilitating clinical collaboration. We prioritize a team-based approach, recognizing the value of shared expertise in delivering exceptional patient care. In addition to competitive compensation and benefits, we prioritize work-life balance, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

SEPS group also offers unparalleled support and training opportunities for Physician Assistants (PA) and Nurse Practitioners (NP) through our innovative APP training program. As a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence in emergency medicine, our program is tailored to equip APPs with the specialized skills and knowledge necessary to excel in our fast-paced Level II Trauma Center at Salem Hospital.

APP Training Program

ambulance bay at Salem Hospital

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