APP Training Program

ambulance bay at Salem HospitalRecently restructured, our APP training program stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Launched in October 2022, our program combines rigorous clinical experience with comprehensive educational components aimed at experienced APPs without ED experience and new graduates.

Clinical Component

The clinical component consists of three stages:

Stage 1:

APPs spend the first 3 months under the direct guidance of board-certified emergency medicine physicians, who serve as mentors and educators, providing support and guidance throughout each patient interaction.

Stage 2:

APPs work closely with experienced APPs for the subsequent 2 months, engaging in collaborative patient discussions to enhance clinical decision-making skills.

Stage 3:

In the final month, APPs practice independently under the supervision of an identified mentor, ensuring ongoing support and guidance as they transition to autonomous practice.

Educational Component

The educational component is equally robust, with APPs participating in two full-day educational sessions per month. These sessions include both self-study opportunities and interactive lectures led by emergency medicine physicians, covering a wide range of clinically relevant topics.

If you're passionate about emergency medicine and interested in joining our dynamic team of APPs, we invite you to learn more about our program and submit your resume and cover letter. Contact us today to explore exciting opportunities for professional growth and fulfillment within Salem Emergency Physicians Service.

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